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The Benefits of Intermittent and Prolonged Fasting      Intermittent fasting has become the #1 dieting method and there’s a valid reason. As someone who has done intermittent fasting for over 30 years, I have found it to be the most effective method of weight management.  As an obese teen, my impetus for change came the summer of my sophomore year of high school. My mom, sister and I had gone on a cruise to Bermuda. As is the protocol on these ships, the Captain’s Dance Night was one of the highlighted events. Just as the dance was starting, a stranger approached both my mom and older sister to dance, but they politely declined. He took a look at me and walked away. A few weeks later, I had my annual pediatrician appointment, which involved the dreaded “getting on a scale.” My pediatrician did not mince words. I still remember the exact words she said, as she told me I was sixty pounds overweight. I distinctly also remember her saying “ you will never be able to lose