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ANTI-OXIDANTS AND WHY THEY'RE SO IMPORTANT It is April 2, 2020  and if you had told me one month ago that the city that never sleeps would be turned into a viral war zone amidst a ghost town of empty streets, I would not have believed it. But here we all are… Oddly enough, although the feeling of doom and gloom abounds, I have remained relatively calm and at peace, despite the fact that my husband, a Pulmonologist/Intensivist has been thrust into the front lines covering the ICU daily.  While my wellness medical practice has temporarily been converted into a telemedicine one, the silver lining is that I am finally able to reinforce all my prevention and wellness strategies with my three teens who had previously been reluctant to implement lifestyle changes. It seems if you throw the words "money" and "competition" into anything you want a teen to do, they're more willing to participate. The incentive of a monetary reward to the one w